It is always very interesting and important to share our experience and different point of view: the virtual roundtable I joined with other top managers and entrepreneurs was really useful also to activate networking and making the innovation technology and digital transformation ecosystem stronger and wider.

Layla Pavone

Head of Innovation Comune di Milano

It was a real pleasure for me to be part of the discussion; it was an open debate between hands-on people, a lot of outside-the-box thinking, and no personal showcase.

Luigi Vassallo

Chief Operating Officer Sara Assicurazione

Sharing in our IT and Security community about the challenges we face on a daily basis is essential to learn from the experiences of others and have new ideas to improve the digital services we offer to our customers.

Chiara Peretti

Head of Digital Security Italy - Unicredit

The session was engaging and well organized. The subject was of common relevance across the different industry verticals represented, and the seniority of the participants ensured meaningful and valuable insights.

Pierre Obeid

CIO Wind Tre

Very interesting topics, it’s always important to share ideas with our peers and this event is an excellent opportunity for that.

Mouhamad Omar

Director Information Security TUI Group

In an atmosphere of sharing and listening, I am happy to have been able to exchange with participants from different sectors of activity and functions. Thanks to this sharing, the points of view are fed into feedback and questions on securing the customer and internal user path. This event brings mutual enrichment in an unfiltered conversation. Many thanks for this efficient organization.

David Giorgis

Group CISO Groupe VYV