Video Conferencing and Webinar Platforms

Video conferencing is a communication platform that allows people to meet online using video, audio, and screen sharing. It can be used for webinars, virtual events, and virtual classrooms. It’s an important part of working in distributed teams because it allows you to communicate with your team members regardless of their location.

Hosting Providers

The first step to launching a new website is picking a hosting vendor, but there are tons of choices out there to choose from. Check out this guide to learn about the most popular hosting vendors and which one might be right for you.

CASB - Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud access security broker (CASB) is a class of cloud-based information security software that operates at the application layer of an end-user computing device, restricting the flow of data to and from applications within the cloud. A CASB is different from a traditional firewall or IDS/IPS in that it uses software, rather than hardware, to enforce controls over cloud usage.

SDWAN Vendors

SD-WAN is a modernized WAN architecture that provides a better way to connect geographically dispersed sites. By building the network from consolidated, virtualized functions hosted on general-purpose hardware and centrally managed software, it delivers operational efficiencies (and cost savings), as well as improved agility and performance.

Application Performance Management Vendors

Application performance management (APM) is a set of tools and services that helps applications run faster, more efficiently and be more reliable. The goal of APM is to monitor the application's performance at all times in order to identify problems before users notice them.

Application Security Testing Tools

Market-leading web application security testing tools provide powerful and effective solutions for penetration testing and user acceptance testing (UAT). It contains pre-defined exploits and payloads to test application vulnerabilities. Application security testing tool offers real-time visibility into your tests and data while they run. Finding the right tool for security testing can be difficult. The various tools often end up costing more than originally planned, and lack the support to aid organisations with their specific requirements.

B2B Marketing Platforms

For many years, the world of marketing was divided into two camps: consumer marketing and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. The two were distinct enough that there were agencies and entire companies dedicated to B2B or consumer, but not both. That is no longer the case today.

Account Based Marketing Platforms

Account-based marketing is a highly targeted strategy that treats each account as a market of one and provides personalized experiences to prospects. The best ABM vendors will help you identify the right prospects, personalize their experience, and engage them with all your channels.

Identity and Access Management

Cloud identity and access management or Identity and access management (IAM) is a critical component of any security system. It encompasses the processes and technologies designed to grant users the right level of access to applications and data while keeping bad actors at bay. IAM is a key security discipline, so it should be in place whether you are using your own data centers or leveraging the cloud. If you're adopting cloud services, cloud identity and access management becomes a critical consideration in your strategy.

Analytics and business Intelligence Platforms

A Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics platform is a software solution used to create and manage data visualisation. The importance of having a system that is easy to use for all levels of user cannot be underestimated. A system that is too complicated for the average user means that it will not be used, and the company will never reap the benefits from using data visualisation. Therefore, a system that is designed with all levels of users in mind should be considered.